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I think my best friend Molly and I get along so well because we both love food. We never fail at enjoying a good meal. This past weekend, we conquered some delicious Eugene restaurants. In one of our many food comas, Molly shared some stories during one of her ‘dine LA’ adventures (apparently Molly is an annual attendee–lucky!!). The ‘dine LA’ idea sounded really cool; great food for a great deal..yes please! The dine LA restaurant weeks are from January 24-29 and January 31-Febuary 5. Over 200 restaurants are participating and the only way to make reservations is online. Each restaurant is priced based on a scale of $, $$, $$$, and all prices are set prices. Check out the website: dine LA

Dine LA Restaurant Week has social media written all over it. Apparently the only promotion for dine LA is  online; they reach their customers via their website, Twitter, Facebook, and E-mail. On their twitter they have daily gift card give-aways encouraging readers to  follow their twitter daily and stay up to date on daily promotions. Dine LA is great because it allows people the opportunity to eat in restaurants that they would normally not be able to afford. In addition, dine LA provides great PR opportunities for restaurants all over LA. For example, dine LA features Top Chef judge, Tom Colicchio’s restaurant Craft. Using celebrities for promotion benefits both parties: it’s great PR for Colicchio to see his restaurant participating in a community-like event and it’s great PR for dine LA because people love their celebrities. Dine LA features many restaurants known to be frequented by celebrities. One such restaurant is Shutters on the Beach, and Molly says she has seen Jennifer Aniston there (lucky!! I love her– I grew up watching Friends). Here’s a video about Shutters on the Beach.

Check out this article in the Daily Dish section of the LA Times about dine LA.

dine LA in the LA Times


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