Plate & Pitchfork: dinner on a farm


I think the reason I am so intrigued by Portland is because of the food scene that exists there. I have yet to have a bad meal in the city. Not only is the food great, but there is a significant variety of cuisines available to those looking for something different. I spent a month of last summer in Portland with my parents, who are planning on moving from the Bay Area to Portland in a year or so. While exploring all the city has to offer, we were introduced to food in farm to table sense. Plate & Pitchfork is a business that offers a meal celebrating the food grown in their backyard. Plate & Pitchfork dinners are available in the summer and consist of a farm tour, food and wine. The message behind Plate & Pitchfork is about support for local farms and local food and sustainable farming and business practices. The atmosphere sounds like it would be such a unique experience. All of the guests sitting together at a long table for a meal of delicious food that came directly from the farm they are dining on; it is so picturesque in my mind.

The farm to table idea is a strategic way to market food businesses. The Northwest is especially environmentally aware and therefore supports locally-driven ways of life. Plate & Pitchfork definitely has a message behind their branding and could successfully market that message through social media. I think a Plate & Pitchfork blog would be a postive addition to their public relations strategy. They are active on Twitter which is a great tool for online conversation. Plate & Pitchfork seems to be doing very well in these tough economic times. It appears on their website that all the dinners for the upcoming summer are sold out. Guess I have to plan way in advance to get a seat on the farm!


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