Restaurant PR: How to create buzz about your menu


How do you get people to start talking about your restaurant? Advertising? Branding? Coupons? Like with almost any other business, opening a restaurant requires a significant start-up cost that takes quite awhile to make back (depending on how successful the new eatery is). Due to the high-start-up costs, most restaurant owners don’t want to dish out a bunch of money to promote their new spot. The answer to this dilemma is social media, a cost-effective public relations strategy that will successfully communicate your message to your audience(s). Social media doesn’t cost any money, with a computer and internet connection you can sign up on numerous social media networking sites for free. (Yes, free! $0! One of the very few things that are free in this day in age; take advantage while it is still free!)

I recently learned about a sake brewery and restaurant in Minneapolis that inspired my post today. I read an article that I found through the Above the Buzz blog on my blogroll, in Meetings: Minnesota’s Hospitality Journal, about Moto-i sake microbrewery and restaurant (the only sake brewery outside of Japan).

Moto-i’s owner, Blake Richardson and director of marketing and public relations at Sterling Cross Communications, Chris Lower, created a social media approach in order to create a buzz about this new restaurant idea. Through Twitter, Facebook, Website and e-newsletters, Moto-i gained an audience of nearly 30,000. In addition, Moto-i was featured in over 40 publications within 90 days of opening. Clearly, the social media approach was extremely successful, and of course, cost-effective. Moto-i gained a loyal and active audience without traditional and expensive marketing strategies.

Check out the article: Moto-i Case Study


One Response to “Restaurant PR: How to create buzz about your menu”

  1. 1 katiestansberry

    Great case study in social media. I’ve heard about Moto-i, which is kind of random considering its location.

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