A fabulous food blog: Smitten Kitchen


I have found it ladies and gentlemen! The best food blog ever. I love love love food and could read and look at pictures about food all day. Smitten Kitchen, my new favorite food blog, is a home cooking blog from a kitchen in New York City “with a focus on simplifying daunting recipes and being fearless in the kitchen.” Deb, the blogger, takes the most amazing pictures of food and fills up her posts with cooking tutorials of different recipes. Some examples of recipes include chocolate souffle cupcakes with mint cream, chana masala, ginger fried rice, and walnut jam cake (from left to right). Photography from SmittenKitchen.com.

With so many aspiring foodies out there, it is hard to tell who knows what they are talking about and who doesn’t. Deb from Smitten Kitchen isn’t a professional blogger; she just loves food, writing, and photography and realized she could do all of this things and make them presentable via blogging.

Anyone can create a blog; if you don’t have a active online presence it is hard to verify credibility. This is probably the most controversial aspect of blogging, however; blogging is an opportunity for anyone to get involved in social media. In order to avoid faulty information, it helps to become comfortable with the bloggesphere before relying on information you read via social media.


2 Responses to “A fabulous food blog: Smitten Kitchen”

  1. 1 pdxsx

    Good blog, Liza! Well done. Thanks for the link, we’re looking forward to having you up here in PDX very soon!


  2. Hello my little foodie. I think you will appreciate these ones too:



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