Crush It: 142 pages of inspiration


I recently finished Gary Vaynerchuk’s book, Crush it, and absolutely loved it. The book discusses how to build a career around what you are passionate by providing specific social media strategy analysis and Vaynerchuk’s secrets to personal branding. He truly believes that if you have enough skill and passion for something and put your voice to the world, you can build a business. He wrote the book to put that message out there and he definitely effectively voiced that message.

Vaynerchuk talks about how times are changing rapidly and how people are going to start consuming content everywhere and anywhere. It is social media that is producing this mass amount of readily available content and he believes those who are deeply passionate about something should take advantage of the. He also points out that the people that used to be in charge of these content platforms, television, radio, and newspapers, are no longer in control which is a large contributing factor to why social media can help build brand equity.

This book was so inspiring to me because I could hear the author’s integrity in his writing. He bases his success and his advice on how to be successful on mottos like “passion is everything” and “success is in your DNA.” He lives my three simple rules: love your family, work superhard, and live your passion. This is so refreshing to hear from someone who has made it big because it really defines what your career should be based on. I highly recommend this book, it is a quick read and motivating and just an all around impressive story.


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