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I came across an article in Bitch Magazine about a woman by the name of Damali Ayo and her experience with racism in the United States. I want to bring special attention to this article because it brings up a fascinating strategy for activism towards racial equality. Ayo is an African-American woman who grew up […]

Tonight I attended theĀ Portland Plan Workshop: Phase II. The goal of the workshop was to bring communities around Portland together to plan for the next 25 years. Phase II of the Portland Plan focused on setting direction and answering the question: where do we want to go? Workshop participants were divided into nine discussion groups […]

I recently finished Gary Vaynerchuk’s book, Crush it, and absolutely loved it. The book discusses how to build a career around what you are passionate by providing specific social media strategy analysis and Vaynerchuk’s secrets to personal branding. He truly believes that if you have enough skill and passion for something and put your voice […]

I was watching T.V. the other day and caught commercial for the 17th annualĀ Sip! Wine and Food Classic in McMinnville, Oregon. The commercial aired on a national T.V. station, which I thought was some aggressive advertising for such a local event. However, the event intrigued me and therefore the commercial successfully persuaded me to check […]

Wine tweetups sound like the new social hour for wino’s. Tweetups are when a group of tweeters meet up in person. Wine tweetups are tweetups focused around drinking wine and participants tweet about the selected wines before and after the gathering. When tweeters meet in person, they are able to exchange thoughts without being constricted […]

I have found it ladies and gentlemen! The best food blog ever. I love love love food and could read and look at pictures about food all day. Smitten Kitchen, my new favorite food blog, is a home cooking blog from a kitchen in New York City “with a focus on simplifying daunting recipes and […]

How do you get people to start talking about your restaurant? Advertising? Branding? Coupons? Like with almost any other business, opening a restaurant requires a significant start-up cost that takes quite awhile to make back (depending on how successful the new eatery is). Due to the high-start-up costs, most restaurant owners don’t want to dish […]